The tech industry moves forward at a fast pace and it is essential that start-ups stay up to date and knowledgeable with the developments to enable them to stay innovative and pioneering. The amazing thing about the internet is that everyone now has access to current information and we can even track changes in real time, the downside however is that there are more ill-informed websites out there than good. So with this in mind, we want to help you; in this post we will show you 10 awesome blogs to read if you are a tech start-up, touching on a variety of topics that you need to know about to carve your success.

1. OnStartups
OnStartups was created by Dharmesh Shah, the founder of the hugely successful HotSpot and definitely a man worth listening to. The information shared on this platform is current and relevant for all start-ups in all industries.

2. ITechCode
The ITechCode is a fantastic resource for all things techy. It is written in a language that is accessible to all regardless of your tech knowledge as it breaks down any complex words or terms. Somehow though, it strikes a valuable balance as it still appeals to the tech geeks covering topics like gadgets, internet marketing, SEO, computers and apps.

3. The Copyblogger
The Copyblogger is focused on helping businesses to write better content. As the saying goes – Content is King and so any business, regardless of size or industry needs good written content as part of their marketing campaign. Every business can gain insights from here.

4. ConversionXL
We all want good conversions, after all that’s what we are in business for. Many start-ups struggle with this though and so getting expert advice from Peep Laja, a consultant, whose day job is to boost the conversions of companies around the world, is completely invaluable.

5. TechFruit
For gadgets, start-up news, technology gossip and more, the founder, Tim Dickinson is a great resource. He also writes about the relationship between technology, science, law and even music.

6. For Entrepreneurs
Don’t expect a light hearted read when you visit For Entrepreneurs. The content is in-depth, superior quality and very detailed. If you regularly read content here you will stay ahead of the game.

7. AllTechBuzz
Using his own experience of growing his online business, Imran shares his top tips on all things relating to running a successful online business. He also shares the latest tech news and gadget reviews.

8. Vero
You never really own your Facebook page, it belongs to Facebook. You never really own your Twitter or instagram profile – they too belong to the company. The only thing you do really own is your email list which is why email marketing is still a huge marketing tool for all businesses and one that Start-Ups should make a priority to learn. Vero are the specialists so their blog is a great place to start!

9. TechPP
This is a great blog to get the scoop on personal and consumer based technology, the founder, Raju patricianly likes to share information on web tools and gadgets. Passionate about technology, he aims to help readers use technology to enhance their lives on a daily basis. He has a Tiny Tip section which is infectious and you will find hard to stop reading.

10. Nexus IE
Here at Nexus we ensure we stay up to date with the latest trends and alongside our product design solutions for start-ups, we aim to bring you relevant and informative content surrounding your start-up venture.

Innovative support with Nexus
Staying up to date with the latest trends helps us to provide product design solutions for start-ups through the design and build process; we help you get it to the consumer. We also offer continuous support afterwards to maximise your investment. For more information of how we can help you, fill out our contact form on our website.

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