With some of the most business-friendly regulations globally, the UK is well poised to take an agile approach to manufacturing regulation and automation as we move into 2021 and beyond.

And thank goodness. As in light of recent events and the heavy reliance on the manufacturing sector, there is a big appetite to place manufacturing on the centre stage. Looking at technological advancement and automation as pivotal for British businesses in the future.

For the UK to be strong contenders in the world of manufacturing and lead the way in new product development, productivity growth, and innovation, product designers, SME’s, businesses owners must look beyond how they can manufacture but look at who can carry out the process of manufacturing for them.

A team that is set up and ready to deliver. Working through the entire product lifecycle from setting up supply chains to assembly and testing, installation, user training, and more.

Reducing initial outlay and manufacturing costs and capitalising on experience and professionalism.


UK automation

Where once inventors behind the Brompton bicycle, the Dyson air blade hand dryer, and even the wind-up radio were from the UK, over the years, the UK manufacturing sector has declined while in other areas such as China has boomed.

However, the UK is steadily building our automation processes within manufacturing.

No longer is automation in manufacturing just about high volume and high-value production. Nor is it about replacing labour. Instead, the focus has shifted to increasing top-line growth by understanding the importance of automation in processes and procedures. The realisation is that it is not all about manufacturing costs but a need to ensure manufacturing readiness.

This is where manufacturing companies like NEXUS IE come in.

Ramping up support for SME’s and early-stage start-ups, UK manufacturers are now working in partnership with business owners, innovators, and product designers to manage product lifecycles.

Attracting the latest prototypes, innovative ideas, intelligent engineering is where the UK’s manufacturing strength lies.

  • Designing innovative technology.
  • Developing production lines and processes effectively and efficiently.
  • Building innovative high quality, high standard products, and
  • Supporting investment.

With more Government funding available to support this growth area, the medium-term focus is to make finance markets work better for small businesses. Businesses that are starting up, scaling up, or simply looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Which in turn supports the long term aim of securing economic growth.


How does this affect SMEs?

Now, there are more opportunities and doors open for those that feel they don’t have the capital, to work with professional mechanical engineers.

Using product manufacturing partners to exploit digital technologies, access opportunities, and solve specific manufacturing challenges – we’re linking opportunities and expertise with innovative new products, prototype developments, and extended product lines.

In addition, the adoption of new technology has the potential to boost UK productivity in SMEs, with the benefits of outsourcing to specialist UK manufacturers including:

  • Reduced cost parts
  • Reduces assembly lines
  • Flexible software changes
  • Ensured quality through regular servicing and maintenance
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Significant economic gains
  • Direct support from companies such as NEXUS IE.

Manufacturing automation drives productivity, effectiveness, and with the right manufacturing partner, a successful route to market.


At NEXUS IE, we understand that due to the high cost of premises, it is not always possible, or indeed wise, to invest in factories or automation equipment at the beginning of product lifecycles.

We also know that manufacturing and precision engineering requires a unique set of skills.

That’s why we work with clients to ensure products are ready for manufacture; working closely with you, we take care of the entire product lifecycle from designing, developing, building, and shipping.

Bringing value, experience, precision engineering, and automation, we take the time to understand your product, idea, prototype, business growth strategy.

For the UK to become leaders in manufacturing automation, we must continue to engage with the latest technology, using automation to our strength, ensuring we are investing in the right automation and the right manufacturing partnerships.

Manufacturing partnerships that drive creativity and productivity collaboratively.

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