Here at Nexus IE, customer experience is invaluable to us and is central to our business. Through our flexible product manufacturing and support service, we aim to provide assembly, supply chain management and support services, working in partnership with those businesses who want to take their products to market. Products assembled, delivered quickly and efficiently without comprising on quality.

Don’t just take our word for it. In this post, Matt Hulbert MD of Ojee Golf shares his experience of working with Nexus IE, explaining the impact our services have had on his business.

A Little Background on Matt and Ojee Golf

Ojee Golf was a crowd-funded project that was so successful it received 170 pre-orders for the device across 20 different countries within its short campaign. It was created by product designer Matt Hulbert and his golfing father Paul. Together they identified the gap in the market within the golfing industry. At the time there were countless training aids to help golfers with their swing but a perfect swing is only 10% of the picture. To play the ball to a certain place in a certain way the golfer needs a clear mental picture (50%) and the right set up (40%). So the father and son team set about developing a product that would assist golfers to set up their shot seamlessly and the Talon was born.

Matt, can you share with us what problems Ojee Golf came across with product development and what impact did that have on Ojee Golf?

The original Talon was essentially the same core product that we have today with the Talon Mk2. When we sent the Talon out to our Indiegogo backers we were sure to reach out to them to get feedback on how the product was received. Some users were having issues around the way in which the product attached to the grip-butt of the club and I knew that we needed to re-engineer the product to eliminate that issue before we opened ourselves up to the wider market.

Having to go back to the drawing board certainly took the wind out of our sales, we were adamant that we wanted to deliver the best possible product and it was a tough decision to pause production, especially when so many of our customers were having a blast using the product. We took the opportunity to address any and all suggestions that came up from our user group and couldn’t be happier with the product we have today.

The TALON Mk2 uses clever technology to give live feedback on the four critical components in your stance: the club face angle, the shaft angle, the spine angle and most critically, the relationship between the two (henceforth known as the Ojee Angle).

Talon has already received a 5-star user review from Golf Magic and has been exposed to and used on the LPGA, the LET and the European Tour and received extremely positive feedback.

When and where did you meet Nexus IE?

I met with Adrian Brown at a Venture Fest Tees Valley event in September at Wynyard Hall. Whilst re-developing the product offering, I’ve been on the search for funding and was hopeful that exhibiting at the event could open some doors. As it happens Adrian was also exhibiting, and we got to discussing their assembly and testing capabilities in their Cambridgeshire based facility. The following week my father and I went on a factory visit and were extremely impressed with the operation that Nexus IE runs. We met with Adrian, Julie and Tim and were instantly taken with their enthusiasm and future thinking; the energy efficient facility is testimony to the great work they do there.

What solution did Nexus IE provide to help you with your production issue?

Nexus IE offered support to allow us to manufacture and store 250 converted Talon units. Up to now, I’ve been assembling all units by hand and it had previously been a 94-step process – as you can imagine, that was extremely time-consuming and restricted me from spending my time moving the business forward.

What impact has the solution has on Ojee Golf?

Having the support from Nexus IE has allowed Ojee Golf to orchestrate a Christmas launch, which is a big day in the calendar for golf technology products. If it wasn’t for the support of Nexus IE, we would have had to delay our production to March 2018 which could have put us into financial difficulties.

When does the product launch and how can people pre-order?

Our UK Exclusive launch will see Talon’s shipped on December 7th, well in time for Christmas. Visit to purchase. You can also email me at

Could you be our next success story?

If you have a big vision for your product but lack the physical capabilities, resources and knowledge to bring it to market in high quantity and high quality then contact Nexus IE for more information. We can help you to turn your vision into a reality.

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