Are you developing a new product? There are two types of people in the world. Those who have great ideas and those who have great ideas AND then tenacity to turn them into a reality. A commercial business! Which one are you?

If you think you fall into the later category then read on, in this post we will be giving you the information you need to get your new product manufactured and on the shelves (digitally or physically)!

Read and Research

The first stage of the process is always to validate your idea. What might sound great in your head might not be so appealing to your target audience that you hope will become your buyers. The reality is that it’s their opinion that matters more than yours so regardless of how many you think it will sell, asking your audience what they think from day one allows you to lay good foundations on which to build your business.

Create a craze

Don’t wait till you launch your product to start promoting it. The moment you have the idea you should be talking to people about it. Often entrepreneurs will try to keep their genius idea under wraps, afraid it will get stolen and although it is sensible to take precautions and not share everything, you still want to create a buzz around your future product, create intrigue and build a brand.

When done right, by the time your product is launched people already know, like and trust you and they are waiting to see what you’ve created. You have a captive audience from day one on which you can build upon.

Produce a Prototype

The prototype is powerful. It allows you to take your idea and transform it into something real and physical. A prototype can be something knocked up in your garage but to get the most out the experience and feedback it’s worth enlisting the help of experts. Your prototype is part of your research and provides you with the information you need to design a product people actually want to buy.For more information about getting the most from your proptype, read here.

Elevate and Evolve

Always remember that research and testing should remain part of your business for its lifetime. Markets change, technology changes, people change. To elevate your business to the next stage and evolve into the company you dreams of then this process is essential, otherwise you become stagnant. Just because your product is on the shelves it doesn’t mean your journey is over.

Get the right support

Nexus provides manufacturing support for businesses with great product ideas but not the equipment to manage a growing business. Outsourcing to experts who understand the complex manufacturing process gives you the chance to focus on what matters and making sure that your incredible product get’s bought and changes lives. For more information or to answer any of your questions, connect with us here.

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