Laser marking is becoming increasingly used in manufacturing, especially when the process involves long supply chains. Laser marking has several purposes and is so efficient, cost-effective and flexible that its popularity continues to grow. In this post, we will explore the importance of laser marking specifically within a supply chain.


Origins of Laser Marking

The automotive and aerospace industries were the first to introduce laser marking. With strict regulations in both these sectors and a complex manufacturing supply chain, it became vital to be able to trace each part. As technology evolved, laser marking was developed and became more sophisticated. These advancements  has benefited the entire manufacturing industry in different ways.


The Medical Device Industry

Another industry area that has required stringent traceability is the medical device industry. Finding marking solutions has been a necessity. The law specifically requires that all labels and packages are marked with the UDI (Unique Device Identifier). This code is made up of two sections, a Device Identifier and Production Identifier, the second of which has an expiry date. They are both essential to enable quick and effective traceability throughout the supply chain.


But why?


Protect All Parties

If something was to go wrong in the supply chain then it is important that it is easy to identify where the fault occurred. Not only does this mean it can be fixed immediately, but it also means that other parties involved in the supply chain are protected when they have met expectations.


Efficiency Savings

Being able to quickly identify and remedy any problems saves a vast amount of wasted time on investigation. As a consequence, it also saves money by potentially reducing downtime.


Keep All Parties Accountable

When every party involved in the supply chain knows and understands that their part in the process is completely traceable, they also know that they will be held to account for mistakes or corners cut.


Keep The Public Safe

The whole point of this process is to essentially keep the users of the manufactured goods safe. A robust and stringent traceability system such as laser marking keeps the public safe.


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