Nexus IE is getting involved in the celebration of International Women in Engineering Day #INWED17 on June 23rd. We couldn’t think of a better way to support the message of encouraging young people and women into a male dominated industry than by introducing you to some inspiring females who are doing just that. Having already met engineering graduate, Laura Tuck in our first interview and Sita and Helaina of ‘Girls of Steel’ (an all girls robotic team from East Barnett School), today we talk with Daisy who is a builder for Girls of Steel.

Daisy lives with her Mum who is a dental nurse and her Dad who is a building site manager. Her hobbies include playing rugby and of course, engineering.

What does an average day look like for you Daisy?
An average day for me is coming in to our robotics room, looking at designs and coming up with how we could improve them. At lunch I come in to speak to my team about the design that we all came up with and start building it. Whilst I am building we are still thinking on ways to improve our robot such as how to make the lift faster and stronger with different gear ratios and also how we could make the drive faster and more effective.

It sounds like you are all very skilled at building in context and developing as you go. Tell us more about your recent successes.
Some of my recent successes with engineering are going to UK Nationals for VEX Robotics and becoming 2016-2017 UK National Champions and also going to VEX Worlds.

We followed your experience over in the US. That must have been amazing! Especially after your achievements in the UK Nationals. We would like to ask you, do you think that engineering is recognised as male dominated field?
I do think that engineering is associated mostly with men as not many women are recognised for being in the industry.

So what does International Women in Engineering Day mean to you?
International Women in Engineering Day is amazing as it shows that the hard work of women has been recognised.

What can schools do to engage young people with science and engineering in your opinion? 
Schools could have more clubs surrounding STEM and/or make those clubs more recognised.

The role of school clubs has been an agreeable suggestion amongst our interviewees Daisy. Thanks so much for taking part in our #INWED17 mini series.

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