Bringing a product to market is no easy task so once it’s hit the shelves have you considered your next step? Have you thought about how you will manage teething problems or logistical hiccups? The reality is that making amendments to the supply chain or manufacturing process is totally normal in the early days but failure to recognise this or take preventative steps is risky. In this post we will outline the support you might require after your product launch.

Preventative maintenance

The one thing we all know about technology and mechanical equipment is that at some point it fails. No piece of tech performs at optimal efficiency forever but this doesn’t mean we can’t be proactive. Recognising the unreliable nature of equipment means you can chose to take preventative measures to prevent sudden breakdowns.

We recommend getting your equipment serviced at regular intervals and ideally by a company that understands your business, your product and your unique needs.

Repair services

We’ve all been there, in desperate situations with broken boilers, cookers or pipes. It is in these moments, when your in real need of fast support that it seems the hardest to find.

So what happens if things do go wrong with the equipment on your assembly line?  If your equipment breaks and your forced into downtime then your business starts losing money, the problem can become seriously detrimental to the health of the company within just a small window of time.

Getting it fixed is therefore a priority and so it pays to have a company that you know understands your equipment and processes already on call, ready to offer you a quick and efficient repair service when you need it. If you work with a company that has the capacity to repair your equipment remotely then this is even better as you don’t even have to ‘wait  in.’

Spare parts

When you need spare parts, finding the right replacements and a good price and getting them delivered quickly is important. Get your suppliers organised beforehand and when selecting who you want to work with check their shipping and delivery policy so you can reduce downtime as much as possible.

On going training

Getting the most out of your equipment and supply chain is just as dependent of the staff using it as it is the tech. Everyone working within your system needs to be well trained using the specific equipment available. If there are any upgrades or amendments to your system their training needs to be updated. What’s important is not just that they can operate machinery but that they understand how it all works and why. This enables them to make informed intelligent decisions and fix any minor malfunctions with minimal downtime.

Get the right support

Outsourcing to Nexus provides more than the standard,’get your product to market’ support. Because we’ve been involved with your project from the outset we have an in-depth understanding of the type of support that you might need. This comprehensive level of understanding, combined with our rapid response times, enables us to proactively work with you and your team to resolve any potential issues swiftly, thus minimising risk and downtime.

Our high standards of support also go way beyond servicing your equipment. We offer comprehensive training packages, with onsite and e/learning options, knowledge transfer, troubleshooting facilities and a range of other services to help you maximise your investment.

We offer different types of service, depending on your needs, including:

  • Preventative maintenance agreements for servicing equipment at regular intervals
  • Onsite visits in the event of equipment breakdown (if we cannot resolve the situation remotely)

We also provide a spare parts service either for warranty purposes, consumable items, repairs or optional extras. We have a daily courier collection for worldwide deliveries.

For more information look at our services page here.

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