There comes a point in any successful business when the business owner has to recognise that outsourcing manufacturing is the only way to grow. Doing everything in-house becomes increasingly more expensive, is inefficient and troublesome. Here at Nexus IE, we have been supporting businesses for 7 years and have made an incredible difference, moving them forward and setting up manufacturing processes that allow for real, significant growth. In this post, we will explore why third-party manufacturing works and who it has worked for.


Save money

Most people assume outsourcing is the costly option, but more often than not, the process is actually a money-saving task. A great example of this is Ojee golf, a small family business with few resources but a great idea.

Their new golf accessory, Talon, was being manufactured in their own home. The father and son team, Paul and Matt Hulbert, were struggling to keep up with orders. If they were going to manage the growth of their business and see the return they desired, they had two choices; invest in growing in-house manufacturing capacity or invest in a third-party manufacturer. They were at a turning point in their business and their decision would be instrumental in its future.

The choice to keep things in-house would have involved hiring staff and the need to invest in new premises and equipment. This was happening at a point in the business when they were getting valuable feedback from those who were already using the Talon. They recognised that the product needed an upgrade but this required specific engineering expertise and resources, something else they had to consider when mapping out the costs of manufacturing in-house.

After visiting the UK-based Nexus IE factory, the father and son team could see immediately that they were walking into a professional manufacturing operation, already equipped to manage their needs. They were able to engineer the Talon 2 and get it on the market in early December, a profitable time for technology and sporting products.

Matt was very clear that his decision to outsource was the right one, “if it wasn’t for the support of Nexus IE, we would have had to delay our production to March 2018 which could have put us into financial difficulties.”


Save time

Time is money and Ojee Golf is not the only business benefitting from getting their technology product to market quickly with our support. Third-party manufacturing speeds up the process, especially when your product has complex technological engineering requirements that would be time-consuming (not to mention expensive) for the average factory to deal with.

Nexus IE has had the pleasure of supporting Linde Healthcare. This partnership has been successful for more than 5 years, but a recent project demonstrated the significant value of outsourcing manufacturing.

The LIV ®IQ digital cylinders are the new generation in smart oxygen cylinders. Their key feature is their advanced communication capabilities that has a big impact on patient safety. This was completely new technology, the industry had not seen anything like this before so the engineering process was pioneering.

These complex jobs can become a time vacuum, requiring specific expertise and resources to complete. With Nexus IE, this process was streamlined and efficient.

Mandip Thind, the senior product innovation manager of the project praised our involvement;

“The company’s team of manufacturing engineers have helped us to solve specific engineering challenges, to improve our designs, and to enable us to get products into the hands of our customers far faster than if we had opted to work with a Far East manufacturer or attempted to customise an off-the-shelf product for our specific application.”


Every business strives to save time and money in their business, but many of these choices result in cutting corners. When working with Nexus IE, companies like Ojee Golf and Linde Healthcare are able to make considerable savings while improving the integrity and quality of the finished product.


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